Our History

As a first class academic institution, the dream forged by Professor. Nivia Echeverría who 58 years ago proposed the concept of Bilingual Teaching with emphasis in Technology

Our Teachers

All our teaching staff is prepared to handle changes in our modern world, prepared with high standards in application with technology.


Our planning is based on the modern Education parameters of adjusting the student to changes in our society caused by Technoloical advances and economic adjustments.

Our Bachelor in Sciences with emphasis in Technology and Programming

The use of technology is applied in all subjects including classes with tablets and laptops on hand to keep the student interested in the learing process.


An agreement signed between ourselves and SENACYT, (Secretary of Sciences), will provide with the instructor and teachers, the application of robotics from 4th grade to 12th grade in all levels of training.

MOS Certifications

The students will be certified on all levels CORE, EXPERT and MASTER, in Microsoft products and services which will be an excellent addition to the student´s résumé.

Our labs

All subjects of science, Math, languages and social sciences are now managed by intelligent systems which the instructors apply, making them a great asset in the learning process. Our computer lab is equipped with modern TBOX and learing software for programming and analytics.

Our Bachelors Degree

Our students finish the academic terms with a GED equivalent, which makes them prepared to take on college with excellent math, science and logical thinking skills.

Sciences and Math department

Our sciences and math departments have been equipped to use recently made available technologies suh as EDUCALINE platform, as a main resource, to instruct, evaluate, and promote the use of technology in a classroom environment.

English Dept.

60% of our core is provided in English, providing emphasis on literature and comprehension on english speaking variations from different areas.

Our Campus

Located in El Bosque neighborhood, the quietness around helps develop an ambient of relaxed environment for learning.


Nivia R. Castrellon


James Cameron


Max Payne


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